Inspired by the practical, collapsible design of military entrenching tools, the COREFX Drag Sled delivers convenient portability in the form of a highly durable, Canadian-made steel weight sled. Unlike many traditional dragging sleds that can only be used on non-abrasive surfaces, the COREFX Drag Sled has an angled lip which allows this sled to be used almost anywhere with virtually zero limitations. Move your speed sled training indoors or outdoors on grass, field turf, track, concrete, or asphalt.


The COREFX Drag Sled has a one piece 1/4” bent steel construction, and rails to stabilize and protect more than 495 pounds in weight plates on almost any terrain. Ultimately, the COREFX Drag Sled is the ideal tool for light weight sled training to help improve sprinting speed and metabolic conditioning, or with heavy weight to develop a strong and organized posterior chain.

Fitness Equipment Features:

  • Increase power and explosive speed by adding resistance to sprints and easily adjust the weight of the sled for super-quick sprints
  • Powder coated finish for ultimate durability 
  • 18” long plate pin designed for use with Standard Weight Plates or Olympic Plates
  • Weight Capacity: 11 x 45 lb Steel Plates; 7 x 45 lb Comp Plates; 4 x 45lb Bumper Plates

NOTE: COREFX Drag Sled does not include shoulder harness, nylon lead or weight plates


*For more info check out COREFX.CA 

COREFX Push and Pull Sleds from 360 Athletics on Vimeo.

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