Flat-Rung Agility Ladder (30')


The Flat-Rung Agility Ladder is a unique package designed to help athletes experience the benefits of a time-tested sports conditioning tool. Each Flat-Rung Agility Ladder comes with 2 x 15' ladders that easily attach together via Velcro strips for extended footwork patterns or L-shaped drills. These agility ladders are made of heavy-duty nylon webbing with unbreakable metal rods running through the rungs.

Fitness Equipment Features:

  • Flat-Rung Agility Ladder includes 2 x 15' agility ladders
  • Ladders attach via Velcro connection
  • 22 Rungs total measuring 14" x 16"
  • Metal rod rungs for extra durability and flattest lying ladder
  • BONUS: Free drawstring carry bag!

Agility Ladder Drills from 360 Athletics on Vimeo.

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